Thursday, 19 January 2012

Army Surplus

The public expenditure cuts mean that the armed forces are having to take their share of redundancies, and make the money stretch further. One result of this is that the Ministry of Defence has a lot of surplus kit - boots, trousers, tunics, belts and even a Lightning jet (although without its engines).
You can see what's on offer at the Disposal Services Authority website and there's a link to their main contractor The-Outdoor.
A fold-away shovel for £15; a desert ops waistcoat with zillions of pouches for grenades, pistols etc for £45 (pictured); and a rigid raiding craft (a boat) for £3,240; and many more.
Sadly for the would-be revolutionary, nut job or terrorist, no guns and ammo or weapons of mass destruction are included.

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