Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Well Done, Sherlock! #137: VInce Cable

We haven't awarded a Well Done, Sherlock! award for a while. Last week, however, there was an outstanding example of stating the bleedin' obvious from The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, The Right Honourable John Vincent 'Vince' Cable MP. Now then, our Vince has a Degree in Economics from Cambridge and prior to entering politics he worked as an economist for, amongst others, Shell and the Kenyan Government. No doubt it is these qualifications that have enabled him to deduce, as he expressed some sympathy with the protesters who have been occupying Pater Noster Square outside St Paul's Cathedral and who have now occupied the vacant UBS (a Swiss Bank) building nearby, in connection with the ongoing self-inflicted financial crisis faced by the globalised neo-liberalist economy, that:
"I think it does reflect a feeling that a small number of people have done extraordinarily well in the crisis, often undeservedly, and large numbers of other people who have played no part in causing the crisis have been hurt by it."
Well Done, Sherlock!
[Mr Cable also holds the rare distinction of being one of the few economists to have a cardigan named after him. The designers have rather unkindly inserted the word 'knit' into the description presumably as a kind of play on words or pun.]

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