Thursday, 27 October 2011

Schadenfreude Vol.39 & Vol.40

I don't generally take pleasure in the misfortunes of others, but there are exceptions. For example, Manchester United deserve to have things go wrong from time to time because they always expect everything to go right all the time. So it was rewarding to watch them lose by such an embarasssing margin last weekend to Manchester City, especially as the result came about not just because City played well but also because United were rubbish. It's not often they just collapse completely as they did in the last quarter of an hour.
David Cameron, however, is a vacuous twit and deserves to have everything go as wrong as possible all the time, so the post-modern irony of him having to deny the rabid section of the Conservative Party a referendum on membership of the EU was very enjoyable indeed. His inner squirmings must have been terrible, having waffled on in the past with such contrived outrage about the lack of a referendum only to find now that he has to accept that such a refrendum would be not just pointless but counter-productive. And he had to use a three-line whip to enforce his will on MPs whose demands he had previously endorsed- which 81 of them defied. Brilliant.

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