Friday, 21 October 2011

Lot 233 - John Lennon's Tooth

If you are a Beatles fan and a practitioner of somatic cell nuclear transfer, get yourself down to Meadow Mill, Water St, Stockport, SK1 2BX on Saturday 5th November 2011 when Omega Auctions will be selling:
JOHN LENNON TOOTH – this truly unique piece of memorabilia, a tooth of John Lennon’s, was given to his housekeeper, Dorothy (Dot) Jarlett during her employment as housekeeper at his Kenwood home in Weybridge, Surrey. Dot was employed at Kenwood approximately between 1964 and 1968. John had a warm relationship with Dot and her family, often referring to her as ”Aunty Dot” and even naming his dog Bernard after Dot’s husband. John was to give many gifts to Dot and her family over the years, some of which have previously been sold by the family through Sotheby’s. The tooth, being such a rare item has been kept in the family until now and comes with a sworn legal affidavit by Dot Jarlett attesting to the authenticity.
With just a little patience and some willing live human volunteers, you could create a clone of John Lennon from the period when he was at his creative peak, and before he hooked up with Yoko. Sounds like a plan, eh Igor?

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