Thursday, 6 October 2011

Chickenshed: The Rain That Washes

An evening excursion yesterday to the Chickenshed Theatre for a performance of The Rain That Washes, a one-man show about the independence struggle in Zimbabwe. Written by Dave Carey, based on the experiences of Christopher Paphose, the play covers the story from the time of Ian Smith and UDI up to Mugabe's treacherous takeover and imposition of his authoritarian and oppressive regime.
Ashley Maynard excels in performing this demanding multiple-role piece, swapping between characters convincingly and never missing a beat. It is very well-written and directed, keeping the attention at all times, and covers a lot of ground without dwelling on any particular aspect of the sorry tale of Zimbabwe's transition from colonization to tyranny. Hope, innocence and inspiration falling into disillusionment and brutality is subtly portrayed without becoming preachy and self-righteous. Recommended!
Last chance to see on Saturday 8 October.

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