Friday, 15 July 2011

Well Done, Sherlock!

It's never happened before, folks! The Well Done, Sherlock! award for spotting the bleeding obvious, and something the rest of us have known about for ages, goes to a collective rather than to an individual. Yes. The Well Done, Sherlock(s)! award goes on this occasion to the collected politicians of the UK Parliament who have at last acknowledged that Ruper Murdoch is a slimeball and not  the kind of guy who should be running a vast media organisation with the power to make or break a politician's career (or anyone else's career or life, for that matter). I find it highly ironic that although nothing substantial about Murdoch or his corporation has changed since last month, last year, or the last General Election, all of a sudden these Guardians of The Nation's Well-Being want nothing to do with Murdoch and All His Works whereas they were hitherto queueing up to lick his boots. I'm particularly impressed with Cameron who can't distance himself fast enough from his erstwhile chums. Unfortunately, I doubt if he's in the clear just yet - Andy Coulson and Rebekkah Woods may yet return to haunt him. This one will run and run (Ed). Meanwhile, Well Done, Sherlocks!

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