Friday, 21 January 2011

Lies, Damned Lies and Tony Blair

Tony Blair belongs to that most reprehensible species of liar; he believes his own lies. He's been exposed as a liar but continues with his lies. And so lie follows lie whilst we all stand flabbergasted at his self-delusion. There is not a scrap of decency left in him.
Blair now claims that the advice given to him by the Attorney General that war against Iraq was illegal was 'provisional'. No it wasn't; that was his considered advice but Blair and his cronies sidelined the Attorney General and subsequently bullied him to make him prevaricate and fudge it. The legal advice was only 'provisional' in the sense that Blair disagreed with it - and apparently still does.
And many more. Lies about weapons of mass destruction, exaggerating the threat posed by Iraq, lies about links with September 11 and Al'Qaeeda, etc etc when all along the objective was regime change - an objective set by George W Bush and his neo-con buddies back in 1998. You can check out the evidence for yourself at The Iraq Inquiry website, and there's a piece over at The Independent which pretty much sums up Blair's mendacious behaviour.

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