Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2nd Amendment

This is a Glock 19 automatic pistol as used by Jared Loughner in his shooting spree in Arizona. As with all Glock pistols it features 'safe action' which is a euphemism for being able to shoot many rounds quickly when you want to as opposed to when you drop the gun on the floor. Its magazine can hold up to 33 rounds; Mr Loughner apparently had two such magazines with him. The Glock 19 is described as 'compact' which means it is easily concealed. Interestingly, although  it is reported that Loughner had a history of drug arrests, had been excluded from school and college and was rejected by the Army because of his 'instability', he was able to obtain and carry this weapon legally in Arizona. Maybe the Americans ought to examine their gun culture and revisit their constitutional right to bear arms. A person with a Glock 19 can shoot more people, more easily and more quickly than a person without one. This might be useful for a militia when repelling invaders but it is a bit of a risk when in the hands of a politically (or otherwise) motivated nutter.

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