Monday, 22 November 2010

Oo Err Cantona

Eric Cantona. A footballing genius. And now he has come up with a solution for putting right the financial woes and injustices inherent in globalised neo-liberalist capitalism. He suggests that a revolutionary and non-violent approach is needed to bring down the system rather than indisciplined protests such as students and workers in France (and now the UK) have used. He points out that the Powers That Be merely have to contain these protests and then carry on as before. What our Eric proposes is that we should all withdraw all our cash from the banks so that they do actually go bust and the financial system collapses, thereby taking the power away from the bankers. His suggestion has been taken up by some Belgians via Facebook and we are encouraged to withdraw all our cash on 7 December and precipitate a bank crash.
Eric has not set out any plans for what will replace the banks and how commercial activity will proceed thereafter. The line between genius and madness is a fine one.

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