Thursday, 18 November 2010

One More Time...

I have been a Beatles fan since late 1962 but there are limits. I bought their singles and EPs, their LPs in mono and then again in stereo. I bought their records again when they were reissued on CD and last year I bought some of them yet again when they were remastered. Now EMI want me to buy them all over again as mp3 downloads from iTunes. I don't think so. McCartney and Ringo and the two widows don't need the money so I would speculate that this is corporate greed on the part of EMI  wanting to milk it one more time before the recording copyright starts to run out in 2012.
EMI needs £217 million quid to sort out its pension fund. The so-called private equity group Terra Firma which owns EMI owes £3.2 billion smackers to Citigroup - not even The Fab Four can make that kind of moolah.

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