Monday, 15 November 2010

Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be

I usually listen to Pick of the Pops on BBC Radio 2 of a Saturday, or later on yer iPlayer doodad. The programme features records from the charts of the past and it serves to remind you of some good stuff you've forgotten or alternatively to remind you that there's nothing new about crap records being in the charts. For the past few years the DJ has been the estimable Dale Winton who, although a tad over-chirpy at times, used to confine himself to naming the record, artiste and chart position and the occasional bit of trivia. His strangely coloured skin is not much of a problem on radio. However, Mr Winton has been replaced by the execrable Tony Blackburn! Not only does this wazzock have an annoying voice but he also can't resist attempts at making jokes and, worst of all, he's one of those DJs who insist on making the programme about themselves. So he keeps chipping in with tales about his encounters with the artistes concerned and of his fabulous career in show biz. We're not interested Tony!

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