Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lord Snooty and His Pals

David Cameron was on doctrinally safe ground appointing Lord Young as an 'adviser'. A crony of Maragaret Thatcher and an alumni of the Centre for Policy Studies, the right-wing 'Think Tank' founded by Thatcher and Keith Joseph which set forth the dogma of 'economic liberalism', espousing the radical free-market theories of Hayek and Friedman. But Cameron was a little naive in not appreciating that such a character would inevitably be unsympathetic and insensitive to the feelings of the proletariat.  It was no surprise that he would point out that for some people the recession and financial crisis has had its benefits. But what Lord Young got wrong was trying to  claim that things weren't all that bad really for many of us. Cameron and his chums have spent the last six months telling us that things really are very bad indeed in order to justify their austerity programme and make drastic cuts in public expenditure. By claiming we've 'never had it so good' he was undermining the Government's cover story, so he had to go.

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