Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dubya's Memoirs

Most of us had figured George W Bush to be an ignorant buffoon who merely acted as a front for a conglomerate of corrupt American neo-conservatives. But I had hoped he would fade into obscurity after his usefulness had expired. Sadly, no. He's had the arrogance to publish his memoirs and seek to justify his actions. (I say publish rather than write because, frankly, I doubt he could successfully complete a sentence unaided.)
Any road up, this is the chap who stole the election from Al Gore. He launched a 'War on Terror' by creating terror in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan thereby destabilising further an already volatile region. He engendered and fostered Western fears of Islam and at the same time helped to radicalise disaffected Moslems,consequently increasing the danger of terror in not only the USA but also around the world. Moreover, Dubya lied to his own people about the justification for his wars. He unconstitutionally curtailed the civil rights of his own people. And now he says that 'waterboarding' is not really torture and in any case he thinks it's alright to do it. 
We can accept the reality that nasty things happen, but don't pretend that's a good thing, Dubya. We know you are a crook, a hypocrite and a war-mongering bastard.

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