Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In The Dead of Night

There I am, quietly reading a book, whilst El Presidente snores. Then comes the sound of a straining diesel engine, lots of clattering and banging and a few shouts. El Prez awakes. "What's that noise? What's that? Someone's breaking in! Call the Police!"
"Don't be silly, the noise is outside. It's nothing," yawns The Mighty Xorg.
"No. Someone's breaking in! Go and see!"
"Oh alright. It's probably the bin men, though."
Xorg gets up and brings El Prez to the front of the house, opens the shutters, and points at the bin lorry. "There you go," upon which a slightly embarassed Presidente returns to her slumbering chamber, muttering. 
Xorg grins. "I'll just call the Police." Picks up phone. "Hello is that the Police? Yes? The bin men are here."

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