Friday, 6 August 2010

Konstantinos Marinos Is An Idiot

That's right, you heard right, the secret word for tonight is ηλίθιος
Things are still dragging on with this stupid pillock of a builder in Cyprus. If the wazzocky nitwit had his marbles properly sorted, he could have had this job finished weeks ago but no, he's still faffing about. As of two weeks ago he reckoned he'd be done by the end of July at the latest. El Presidente arranged to travel to Cyprus, therefore, to meet with him and the architect and to complete the handover and make a final payment, and Bob's Yer Uncle *. 
So, last Friday, the site meeting took place but, not surprisingly, it was seen that the job wasn't finished and there is a list of about a dozen things that need doing. Chiefly, he's made a complete balls up of the finish at the front of the building and the railings on the balcony need strengthening - other items comprise what you might call a 'snagging list'. So agreement was reached between El Prez, the architect and Marinos that these things would be put right by today and if done satisfactorily payment would follow.
But come Tuesday, whilst his workers were almost finished, Mr Bonebrain turned up in an agitated state and proceeded to have another of his psychotic episodes, subjecting Madame President to a torrent of abuse. This was in public, in the street outside the house, as various astounded neighbours and workers looked on. It ended with Mr Nutjob telling his workers to leave the site immediately. This was followed the next day by a letter from his solicitor demanding extra payment of €2,600 within 7 days or face legal action (despite only €900 for extras being due as agreed the Friday before). Well, El Prez is not to be intimidated by such actions and, in fact, Mr Plonkerhead had played into her hands by taking this course. If there's one thing Madame President is good at it is writing stonking letters to solicitors and other stuffed-shirt self-important doodahs that will demolish them in a twinkling.
So she wrote to this solicitor, made a couple of phone calls to the architect, and, to cut to the chase, Mr Looneytune has been told by his solicitor to get on with it - which he has agreed to do. However, having lost another week with this latest tantrum he won't now be finished until after El Prez has returned to Xorg HQ, so he's going to have to deal with the architect directly - after the architect gets back from his holidays - and he consequently won't get paid for another month or so. Meanwhile, El Prez has made payment, agreed with Mr Dumbo's secretary, for the 'extras' work done up until this week's mouth-frothing display (about €700). So, he's back where he was last Friday and all this fuss and bother has done him no good - meanwhile he has incurred solicitor's fees. 
What a wally.
* (or Ο Σταύρος είναι ο θείος σας, in the vernacular)

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