Friday, 6 August 2010

Another Slaphead Moment

Our Wazzock-In-Chief, Dave the Dimwit, seems set on winning the Dubya Bush Prize for Stupid Comments. First he says that the UK was a 'junior partner' to the USA during the Second World War, which he reckons the Amerikanishers joined in 1940. (Enny fule no that the USA joined  the war in December 1941, after Pearl Harbour, and it was Nazi Germany who declared war on them because the USA had declared war on Japan). Then he shoots his mouth off about Pakistan sponsoring terrorism - of course, elements within Pakistan are doing this but it isn't 'Pakistan' itself, whose people have suffered from terrorism as much as anyone. Now he says, after being questioned about his earlier blunder about WW2, that Iran has nuclear weapons without any evidence that Iran does. Hmm, sounds familiar! - what Iran is doing is generating the threat of nuclear weapons, just like Iraq did under Saddam. Senior officials at the Foreign Office will be grinding their teeth and uttering unkind words.
Cameron's weasels say that he 'misspoke'. I think this might be new-speak for 'He opened his mouth and put his foot in it'.

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