Sunday, 11 July 2010


About a year ago our local authority moved to 'Alternate Weekly Collections' of household waste. the strategy is that one week they collect all the recyclable stuff and the next week they collect the other rubbish, whereas it all used to be collected every week. This no doubt saves them some money somewhere along the line but, of course, the result is that we now have rubbish of one sort or another sitting outside our front door for up to two weeks at a time.
The consequence of this during the summer is, naturally, an increase in the number of flies. And maggots in the bins. Horrible squirmy wriggly things. I realise that the flies and maggots are all part of the degradation process but my grievance is that it now begins outside my front door rather than on the council tip where it used to happen (and still does). In the past half hour I have terminated three flies, and there remain several more buzzing around the house. What I am I to do to prevent this explosion of pestilence - clean the rubbish before I put it in the bins?

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  1. We pay a little man who comes monthly and cleans our empty bin, right after the collection. We wrap all rubbish in black bin liners before depositing in the wheelie bin. Result: no flies or rats.