Saturday, 10 July 2010

Daft Haircut 2010

And so, as the World Cup comes to a close, it is time to consider the daftest hairstyle of the tournament. I regret that, like much of the football this time around where teams have played 'not to lose', there has been a disappointing array of contenders. They were mostly a bit nondescript. There has been the usual agglomeration of billiard balls, mostly intended to obfuscate thinning hair, and an assortment of mohawks and mohicans which are, frankly, a bit old hat. Only one perm that I noticed, on Puyol; a somewhat loose affair. However, these two chaps (Gervinho on the left and Hamsik on the right) have made a decent effort. Gervinho's barnet is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel's appearance whilst performing with the prog rock combo Genesis in the early seventies, and Hamsik has obviously been wired up wrongly.

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  1. Sagna from France had the daftest haircut of the tournament!