Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Burqha, Burqa, Burkha, or Burka

I'll be direct. The Burqha is a bit stupid and anachronistic in modern western society; wearing it is not a religious requirement but a cultural choice... But it is no more ridiculous than  the clothing chosen by other cultural sub-sets. For example, the youths we see who wear trousers that are the wrong size and consequently dangle around their lower backside. Or the fat women who wear leggings and a t-shirt highlighting their spare tyre, or a mini-skirt revealing acres of cellulite.  Then there's old fogeys wearing socks with sandals, or youths who insist on wearing their hats backwards. Fat, bald blokes in football shirts are not attractive. Middle-aged men trying to look groovy just look silly. Certain hairstyles of the Punk or Emo persuasion are, frankly, idiotically laughable. So I don't think the Government should ban people from wearing the Burqha any more than they should ban trousers which are the wrong size etc and so forth.
The clothing you wear can be part of your expression of identity, which is fair enough ( e.g. 'I am a Muslim woman', 'I am a second hand car salesman', or 'I  am a brainless chav'). But there may be consequences. If someone wants to look daft, be regarded with disdain, be refused admission to posh eateries, get stopped by zealous security guards and/or policemen, be imprisoned in France, or be pilloried by the popular press, then that's the way the cookie crumbles and it's Goodnight Vienna.

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