Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The World Cup So Far

It's all looking very familiar. A couple of dull opening games. England under-achieving in a nervy start and giving away a stupid goal against inferior opposition, and injuries to key players. Germany being under-estimated and turning out to be just as organised and disciplined as ever, producing quality when it's needed. Greece being rubbish. Argentina relying on three or four wizard players. Italy defending cautiously. Mad Africans. Inconsistent referees and complaints about the new ball. Crap coverage by ITV. And I could live without those vuvuzoola thingies that drown everything out. Harumph. But it usually gets better with the second set of group matches when teams realise they've got to do something about the mess they're in. Here's where Fabio Capello earns his £6 million a year!
Picture by Carleton Creek via The Guardian

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