Thursday, 3 June 2010

What A Plumber!

The plumber was here for most of the day sorting out the multifarious pipes criss-crossing the roof and dangling over the side of the building. These should have been incorporated into the roof space but weren't (see entry for 20 May). So they are being put into conduits and at least made to look a bit more tidy - it has been deemed impractical and prohibitively expensive to remove the roof and do it right. Moreover, some of the pipes are under the concrete floor of the new flat because they were brought into the building at the wrong point. Ho hum.
So all this activity meant that the water supply was turned off for the day, but when he left us at tea-time the plumber assured us everything was back to 'normal'. Not so. El Prez went into the shower and found no water at all coming out of any taps. So she phoned the plumber "Try turning the valve on the tank" he says. Nothing happened. Eventually he agreed to come back and check it out. After about an hour of fiddling about up and down from the roof he discovered his error - he had connected the water for the existing flat to the new flat upstairs. Aha.
Meanwhile, he has not been able to finish work for the new flat because the builder hasn't done the necessary for fitting the water tank in place; finishing a wall or two, grouting floor tiles and so forth. So the plumbing adventure continues.

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