Thursday, 17 June 2010

National Portrait Gallery/ Ed's Diner

The latest Xorg-Intergalactic works outing took place last Friday with a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to attend one of their workshops.  Accompanying FabMary and myself was Susannah of the Chamberlain clan. This was a drop-in drawing session where for a couple of hours an accomplished artist provided handy tips on how to draw portraits. The session was led by a very lively lady who was filled with enthusiasm for her subject and  helped a group of cack-handed scribblers to achieve some measure of success in copying a portrait of Charles the Second. He had a big nose, and no mistake. I enjoyed the experience immensely and had my first ever go at doing a chalk drawing - not bad for starters but I need to make my outlines bolder, apparently. If you're in London of a Friday evening, get along there (it's free) but be early coz the sessions are limited to thirty people.
Beforehand, we had a bite to eat at Ed's Diner in Rupert Street. This was jolly spiffing - genuine American Fifties high-fat junk food, with an old-fashioned Rock n' Roll jukebox. I consumed what they call a 'Chilli Dog Combo'. A frankfurter hot dog with a dollop of chilli con carne, plus chips, onion rings, coleslaw and half a gherkin; all for the princely sum of £8.25. And an endlessly refillable mug of filter coffee for £1.75. Highly recommended, but not too often unless you want to end up like a tub of lard and die prematurely of a heart attack!

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