Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

And so, as the sun sets sail in the west and the ship sinks over the horizon, we near the end of our extended sojourn on the Isle of Aphrodite.
Isle of stupid builders, more like! We've just about reached the point in this here project where I had hoped (rather optimistically) we might have been by the end of April.  Never mind, after much argy-bargy, here we are and there you go. We've had a final meeting with Sid James and Kenneth Williams (builder, architect respectively - Carry On Blundering) from which I absented myself as I can no longer stand to be in the same room as t'builder. El Presidente very nobly handled the negotiations and has left the architect with a five-page, fifty three point memorandum of areas in which various Cypriot digits need to be extracted. There was meanwhile a frantic flurry of activity yesterday as t'builder tried to get things done before we leave, in the hope that we might pay him some more money. No chance, Monkeyface! It still ain't finished! We await the architect's directions in this matter.
At the moment, we have the electrician here doing a job that the builder forgot to tell him to do yesterday. This has been a fairly typical occurrence. However, at least the air conditioning has been restored to the existing building so El Presidente's ancestors will be able to breathe of an evening when they are here in a couple of weeks' time. Mysteriously, a massive load of ready-mixed concrete has been delivered and is parked on the back veranda upstairs. It's in a huge metal container, about two cubic metres I guess. I have no idea what this is for, unless it's the stuff needed to finish off the drains on the ground floor, in which case there's going to be a lot of running up and down stairs with buckets.

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