Saturday, 5 June 2010

What A Plonker!

Besides behaving like a complete and utter loony, and displaying a total lack of respect for his customers and the architect, this nitwit:
Failed to include four upright columns to support the main concrete beams in the crown of the roof.
Did not remove old water pipes but concreted them into the new floor and did not disconnect them, with the result that when the water was turned on at the mains the new floor was flooded.
Built the exterior wall at the front one metre short of where it should have been.
Put the roof on before installing the plumbing in the roof space.
Built ceilings 15 cm lower than in the plans.
Made the windows the wrong size.
Completely messed up the tiling of the bathroom.
Wrecked two air conditioning units.
Built the veranda walls too low.
Installed the wrong size marble for door steps.
and many more.

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