Saturday, 19 June 2010

England Schmengland

That was truly dreadful. Woeful. Pathetic. Not only did the players fail to get themselves going but Mr Capello got his team selection and tactics all wrong. Wayne Rooney was rubbish; Emile Heskey was not good enough; Gerrard and Lampard fizzled out into nothingness; and they all looked like they just didn't have a clue. But it is Mr Capello who should own up - he should have substituted Rooney and Heskey after twenty minutes and brought on Crouch and Defoe then rather than with only ten minutes to go. Blithering idiot. Of course, as a result he's now faced with the even more difficult choice of whether he should stick with his line-up or be bold and change it from the outset, for a game which they must win. Well, duh! Talk about adding pressure!
Having said all that, it is not unusual for England to under-perform against 'inferior opposition' so although disappointed and depressed one is not actually all that surprised. What is more alarming is that Germany fluffed a penalty in their match. Whatever next?

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