Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Aviculture Update

We don't have any migrating swifts in this part of Old Blighty but we do have blackbirds. In fact there are a few domiciled in the hedge at the back of our garden and I am enjoying listening to them singing. There's one chappie who seems to choose a time when all the other birds have gone quiet and he sits up there and warbles away, extemporising and generally noodling like a proper noodler practising for his noodling exam.
Also present at Xorg-Intergalactic HQ Park and Gardens: the inevitable pigeons; chirpy sparrows; a curious robin; shy blue tits; and the accursed magpie. There's rumours of a red kite in the neighbourhood but I have yet to observe said beasty.
Addendum: Blackbirds are not, of course, tuneful all the time especially when they are feeding the fledglings. A fair bit of screeching has been going on. Moreover, there seems to have been some kind of territorial dispute which involved much flapping and hedge-bothering.

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