Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Zenfeet Reflexology

We're all getting a bit stressed out here, what with this and that and worrying about the builders and whether Spurs will beat Man City tonight. But if you're feeling a tad stressed, tired, worn out, and you've generally got aches and pains all round, you could do worse than sign up for some reflexology treatment. There is an element of the mystic arts about it and it is kind of related to acupuncture in that the reflexologist uses pressure points on your feet to diagnose and/or treat your symptoms. Whether or not reflexology can cure your ills is doubtful, but you will feel a lot more relaxed after a treatment session. If you're in Hertfordshire I recommend Zenfeet. A one-hour session, with Brian Eno's album Thursday Afternoon in the background is just about the most chilled-outest of chill-outness experiences you could experience.

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