Sunday, 23 May 2010

Old Faithful's Big Brother

Here's The Boy Wonder fiddling about during a sound check thingy, plectrum between his teeth. But that's not the main import of our attention today. No. It's the amplifier doodad through which his twiddlings are being passed.
This is a Selmer Treble n' Bass 50 Watt tube amplifier going through a Selmer 100 watt cabinet, containing four (count 'em') twelve inch speakers. I acquired this noble assembly in 1974 when I swapped my 30 watt combo amp for it with the estimable 'Big' John Devereaux. Since then it has had two reconditionings, most recently last year, and been carted around various dives and dens, garages and attics. It is not often played at full volume as planning permission is required, and the Health & Safety Executive must be in attendance along with members of the emergency services.
More cumbersome than yer average modern-day set-up but more powerful than Mr Mighty Megaton McMegaton after a megaton breakfast.

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