Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hot Flushes

We've had a few problems with the plumbing on this here building project. A proper plan was not drawn up initially by the architect because he thought one should not be needed seeing as it wasn't a particularly big job. But he reckoned without the perverse outlook of the builder and his sub-contractor plumber chappie. Consequently it's been a case of make it up as you go along and everyone has a different idea next day. At no point did either of them ask for a plan.
When El Prez saw what a mess things were she chipped in with some solutions which were implemented and gradually things got going. Meanwhile, the builder and the plumber had a hissy fight and the plumber walked off the job. They are all a bit temperamental, these fellows. El Prez persuaded him to come back on the grounds that he ought to fix the things he's messed up and it would cost a lot to get someone else in to take over.
There is a major difficulty yet to be overcome, which is that all the pipes are just laid  higgledey  piggledey across the roof rather than tucked neatly away inside the roof space. This is basically because the builder put the roof on too soon; or he didn't get the plumber in soon enough. Either way it's going to mean a bodge it job to put it right. And they want to charge us extra for doing it!
While the plumber has been coming and going he's been disconnecting and reconnecting the water supply to the rest of the house. So for several days we had cold mains water only, and for a couple of days none at all. But since last Thursday he has had the hot water connected to the cold taps and the cold water connected to the hot taps. And this means that the toilet cistern fills up with hot water when you flush it. It's quite novel to have steam ensuing from the toilet bowl. He's putting it right today.
(Note: The plumber is an Arsenal fan. Need I say more?)

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