Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hi Cuz!

It's smiles all round as David Cameron meets The Queen and gets the nod to form a new Government. They are, of course, already acquainted. Cameron is The Queen's fifth cousin, twice-removed. It all dates back to William IV who produced several illegitimate offspring via his mistresses. Cameron's branch comes from a Mrs Dorothy Jordan, who was an actress, and one of her ten children, Elizabeth. All these little ba**ards were officially recognised by William IV and given the name Fitzclarence. There followed a series of interminglings, eventually arriving at Cameron. Full story here, researched by Debrett's Peerage and reported in The Independent. William IV's wife produced no heir, so Victoria became Queen, and hence the present encumbent has the job.
It is reported by the BBC that Buckingham Palace made a phone call to Conservative Central Office back in 1988 when Cameron first applied for a job there endorsing him as 'a truly remarkable young man'. Now, I'm not saying that our own dearly beloved Her Queenship is involved in any funny business, and two coincidences don't make a conspiracy, but it all looks rather neat, doesn't it?

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