Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Check it out!

Tonight was the opening night of my photography course's exhibition at The Courtyard Arts in Hertford.

Take a look at Courtyard Arts

From the website:

The Speed of Light - Hertford Regional College - NCFE
18th May - 22nd May
Digital Photographic exhibition of exciting varied images created by participants from Hertford Regional College - department of creative arts and industries, using cutting edge digital technology.

It all went swimmingly well with quote an impressive turnout. Emma made some snazzy brochures and there was a free wine!

We could all pick our own theme, so there was quite a collection on show. Some landscape, some portraits, some close-ups, some experimenting with shutter speed and some of boats. Mine involved mirrors and trees. More on that story later.

The show is open until Saturday, so go and have a wander around.

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  1. Spiffing.
    Things usually go swimmingly when there's free wine! Post a couple of pictures on t'blog.