Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Flying Pig

The spotty herberts in charge of the Conservatives' election campaign showed their naivety by choosing the former Battersea Power Station as the location for their manifesto launch. Many of the  'baby boomer' voters they are hoping to seduce will remember Battersea Power Station from the cover of Pink Floyd's album Animals which featured a giant inflatable flying pig floating between two of the chimneys. Legend has it that the inflatable pig broke loose from its moorings during the photoshoot and drifted over Kent where it eventually landed in a farm and scared the cows. 'Animals' is a concept album sort of inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm but is more a critique of capitalism rather than communism. I find the album quite depressing but then not a lot of Pink Floyd's stuff is what you might call upbeat.
Not a good image to associate yourself with if you're an aspiring Tory Prime Minister.

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