Friday, 23 April 2010

Drains: Fingers Crossed for a Quiet Volcano

Phew! That's a relief. Madame President and I are due to fly to Cyprus on Monday and for a few days there we were thinking we might have to cancel. But not only has the CAA re-opened UK airspace but, it seems, the wind has changed direction and the ash is now being blown back over Iceland so their air travel has been suspended. Incidentally, the BBC has an explanation of the technical side to all this blather; apparently a concentration of 0.0002g per cubic metre or less is now considered to be the threshold whereas hitherto it was zero.
So we should be able to get over there and get all this business with the drains sorted out. The builder seems to have made a right old stew of it, having started digging too early, before the Sewerage Board got their act together. Consequently, the floor in the flat downstairs is a mess and everywhere smells, causing the tenant Anna to be somewhat less than gruntled and having to impose on her relatives for ablutions facilities. Meanwhile, it is uncertain when the Sewerage Board will connect everything up - I suspect it's a case of the old-fashioned Cypriot approach of 'avrio, avrio' (tomorrow, tomorrow, or maybe next week. Ah, don't worry...)
All those involved have been warned of El Presidente's immininent arrival so we'll see what we shall see.

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