Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bootleg Jazz: You are What You Hear

If you are a fan of jazz music then nip over to You Are What You Hear. This is a blog containing lots of live jazz for downloading including stuff by Michael Brecker, Jack De Johnette, Billy Cobham and many more. I've no idea how 'legitimate' it is - a lot seems to have come from  radio broadcasts and what I've listened to so far is of a good recording quality (i.e. not from a single mic held in the air behind a pillar). Any road up, I doubt if the musicians themselves will mind much as it seems unlikely in todays music biz climate that this stuff would ever have had a commercial release. But it would be good if you actually went out and bought an album or two by the artists featured to help keep them and their families from starving to death.
See also  Smalls Live.

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