Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Xorg-InterGalactic 1 v. House Mouse (Mus musculus) 1

Late-ish one evening after just having watched the footy on TV, a slight shadowy movement was observed by the bookcase. Erk! A mouse! Leaping to our feet, we pursued the little blighter through the house until it eventually sought sanctuary behind the freezer. There it stayed, apparently secure in the knowledge that I couldn't be bothered to rearrange the kitchen that late at night. Correct. So out came the trap, baited with honey, which worked very successfully last time we were invaded by rodents. But this feller was a bit cheeky - next morning the trap was unsprung but the honey was gone. Nothing for it but to escalate to bacon and bingo! Got the blighter! (Re-enactment pictured herewith.)
The trap has been re-set for a week since, but no further evidence of hostiles has been detected so we're assuming this was a freelancer operating on his own, or perhaps an advance scout. So we'll call this one a score-draw. But vigilance remains our watchword.

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