Monday, 1 March 2010


Today I will be moaning mostly about stuff. I don't know about you boys and girls but we got a lot of it. Stuff, by which I mean things that lie around the house cluttering it up. Things that someone is keeping just in case it comes in useful; stuff they don't want to get rid of because it used to something they used. Books and magazines that they haven't read or are never going to read  but they might. Incomplete crosswords. Fifteen different kinds of shampoo and/or conditioner. Old toothbrushes. Trousers that don't fit any more that need mending but which you used to like. Jiffy bags of all shapes and sizes. Cardboard boxes that might be needed sometime, if ever anyone gets round to tidying up. Photo frames. Hand bags. Plastic food storage boxes. Coat hangers, takeaway menus, receipts and scarves. Stuff. And so on and so forth.

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