Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Strangely Pronounced

The English language contains many words which are pronounced differently from the way in which they are spelled. For example, one might expect cough to be spelled koff, and rough to be spelled ruff. So why isn't bluff spelled blough? The same goes for English surnames which can be a tad bizarre. Here's a list of some strange pronunciations of oddly spelled names. See if you can spot the one I made up.

Spelled Pronounced
Belvoir Beever
Colquhoon Co’hoon
Cholmondeley Chumley
Featherstonehaugh Fanshaw
Geoghegan Gaygan
Marjoribanks Marchbanks
Ayscough Askew
Wriothesley Roxley
Bethune Beeton
Vacuous Twit David Cameron

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