Thursday, 18 February 2010

For Sale : Abbey Road

It must take spectacular mis-management but somehow or other EMI, which owns the rights to The Beatles', Pink Floyd's, The Rolling Stones' and countless other top-selling recordings, has made a pre-tax loss of £1.7 billion. EMI need £100 million immediately to avoid being in breach of their banking arrangements with Citigroup. So there is speculation about EMI selling off some of its assets, including the Abbey Road studios - EMI do not see the studios as 'an integral part of the business'. That quote might indicate one of the reasons why the daft clucks are in trouble; I wouldn't mind betting that Abbey Road Studios is one part of the business that does actually make a profit.
The National Trust is interested but would need to run a campaign to raise the funds. However, I think Paul McCartney should buy the studios (he's got at least £400 million in the bank) and donate it to the National Trust. Any road up, if you are Paul McCartney or some other benefactor with £30 million to spare (Yoko Ono?), here's a link to  Abbey Road to show what you'd get for your money.

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