Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cold Tuesday

We had an interesting time in Cyprus, including the coldest Tuesday they've had for thirty years. We actually used an electric blanket. There was a lot of rain too, but we did get some sunshine at the end of the week and I enjoyed a quiet(ish) afternoon reading 'Clochmerle' by Gabriel Chevalier in the sun on the balcony.
Of course all the rain was good news for the Cypriots as it means their reservoirs are now over 50% full, so the Powers That Be have removed the water restrictions and it won't be necessary to buy water from Greece this year. Good news for Cyprus but bad news for Greece, I suppose! And there is a lot of green vegetation everywhere as a result. Here's a picture of some wild fennel growing in amongst eucalyptus trees along with edible weeds called moloshes and mangalos. (Probably spelled incorrectly).

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