Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where Did Yesterday Go

I dunno. It was Tuesday, wasn't it? The day just seemed to go by. I went out walking for a couple of hours in the morning as usual with my chums in The Hartham Walking Group, but I have no idea where the rest of the day went.  We walked across Waterford Heath and along the River Beane, and it was a lovely sunny autumn day. We saw a heron in flight and a horse lying down. Bucolic.

I had an interesting discussion with Margaret and Irene whilst walking, all about The Iraq War and Tony Blair. Irene went on that massive demonstration in London back in February 2003 when over a million people turned out to express their opposition to the invasion and Mr Blair ignored them. Just like he ignored my letters on the subject. We all agreed that the bereaved father who refused to shake Blair's hand at the memorial service the other day made a most eloquent protest. I am hoping Blair took it to heart and is now racked with guilt, but I doubt it somehow.

Thinks: besides the loss of life and the political repercussions, the Iraq War was costing the UK 5 million quid a day so over the course of five years that's over 9 billion smackers for what exactly?

Ho Hum.

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