Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Odious Nick Griffin, MEP

I am reluctant to mention this horrible little man because there's nothing he craves more than publicity. But I think it is important that he and his vile cronies in the British National Party be exposed for the excrementious logger-headed fly-bitten fustilarians that they are. It would be a mistake to ignore Griffin in the hope that he will go away.

The BNP is undeniably racist; the Courts have determined its constitution to be illegal on these grounds. Griffin was convicted in 1998 of incitement to racial hatred. The BNP's economic policy is somewhat confuddled: they are apparently opposed to both socialism and capitalism, as well as globalisation. But they are in favour of the National Health Service, a 'socialised' function.They fear a 'federalised' Europe,  but want to invite Ireland to join a 'Federation of the British Isles'. Griffin has blamed Britain's 'drug problems' on Pakistani immigrants. He is 'anti-Islamist' which makes as much sense as being anti-Christian. Not all Christians are evangelical nutters...not all Muslims are suicide bombers...In June 2009, Griffin claimed that global warming is a political hoax perpetrated by the 'liberal elite' as a means of taxing and controlling us plebs. I don't know that such a thing exists but I would rather have a liberal elite than a fascist elite! He denies the Holocaust. Ho Hum...need I say more?

The BNP invoke images of Winston Churchill and Griffin quotes Churchill's views on immigration and Europe. This pre-supposes that Churchill's views were always right or necessarily make any sense sixty years later when  transposed to today's world. (And Churchill did make quite a few mistakes in his long political life). A typical propagandist trick to invoke a mythologised 'national hero' in support.

You might be familiar with the quotation attributed to Edmund Burke : "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Burke was an 18th Century politician and philosopher whose ideas form the basis of modern conservatism, but let's not hold that against him). Do the research. If you encounter anyone fool enough to sympathise with this pestilential jackass put them on the right track. Most important of all, when it comes to election time, get out there and vote and don't let this abominable purveyor of falsehoods and bigotry creep into power through your apathy.

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