Friday, 16 October 2009

Eight Middle Eights

The 'middle eight' is that bit in a song where the music changes tempo and/or modulates briefly (usually for eights bars) and then returns to the regular verse. Also sometimes known as 'the bridge' c.f. James Brown, who was fond of taking it to there. The middle eight breaks up the usual verse verse chorus business and provides an extra 'dimension'. Not all music features a middle eight, for example stuff like disco and hip-hop which is often the poorer for it. Well, downright tedious in some cases to be honest. But that's not say that a middle eight is essential. In any case, here's eight songs in no particular order where I think the middle eight is damned fine:

For Your Love - The Yardbirds
She's a Woman - The Beatles
Badge - Cream
I Want To Be Loved - Muddy Waters (Willie Dixon)
Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
Until You Come Back To Me - Aretha Franklin
River Deep, Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner
Tell Her No - The Zombies

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