Monday, 12 October 2009

A Confederacy of Dunces

Advice from Madam Q:

I read Confederacy some years ago and thought, "This is a most interesting and peculiar and exciting and downright "Wha'?" of a book".  Well worth a read Xorglebaby  .  .  .  though I can't quite remember what it was all about now, though the protagonist is quite a hoot of a guy  -  well along the spectrum.

I note too that according to Wikipedia the central protagonist is named 'Ignatius J. Reilly' and is an educated but slothful man. One of my favourite things in literature and life generally is silly names, so I have ordered a copy. A review will follow in due course.

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  1. In view of this, here are some names I came across today, and yes they are real...

    Tamsin Shattock
    Jesus Diaz
    Jeff Conquest